Artist Statement

Expressionist Artist and

Art Photographer Statement/Rant


David LLoyd 3,

Besides Experience and Technical Expertise,

the Primary Thing that My Art Work(s) and

Photographs show is that I never COPIED the work

of other Artist. All my art and photographs show

depth, the illusion of 3D and invokes emotion. So

you may not find all my images to be happy, there

are many sides to life on this plain. I find new incite

in each piece I create, and I carry that into each

piece that follows. There are so many different

things to express, and so many different ways to

express them, so that I don't think I'll run out, in this

lifetime! I believe that since the invention of the

camera, the role of the artist and art-photographer

shifted from copying to expressing what she/he

sees. While I some times paint or photograph things

that are real, I show them in unreal or altered states.

It is creating something new, that I get off on. And I

hope that the joy I feel as I create each piece, is

passed along to every one who sees them.

With technology the number crunchers have taken

the human out of humanity and distilled the

majority of us down to the numbers. They have

mastered apathy, but they are having trouble with


Technology and humanity have one last difference,

humans have the ability to do things that are

to surprise, ones self, and others. Compassion for

something or someone other than oneself, is an

equation that thus far can't be quantified. I look for

things and try to show in some way, things that do

not add up, are incomplete, or things that show how

beautifully broken we can be. My quest is to

find/show beauty in the unexpected, unwanted, and

most of all the dis-guarded. I feel a kinship with

these states of being. That being said, I like who I

am, and I am having fun. Behind the pain, I see

Tiphareth! My background is Art Reproduction

(Which I still do)

Well I'm more selective, it hurts to much to even

paint, most days. About 1996, I lost the use of my

hands. (Spinal cord damage ) from pedestrian vs hit

and run car. (1985) In 1998 I had neck fusion

surgery on C-5,6&7.

Learning to use my hands, again, is the

most surreal experience of my life. Although having

attention deficient, dyslexia, and being

ambidextrous, reality has always confused me! For

the most part, the paintings I am doing now, are Me

playing with color, canvas, binders, and minerals to

play with the light.

And as a Photographer it is ALL about bending

light! The "Rain" images show that. It is ALL about

LIGHT! The rest you can see for yourself. You

don't have to think like me, just think.

Visit me at my playground


By Appointment Only,

I have more bad days than good.

But if you'd like to come visit,

It could distract me from reality,

and I am all for that. Thank You.

Sonoma County CA. America


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