Artist Notes

This may appear to be a simple painting of a Comet but this painting took over 6 week with ruffly 113 hrs of hands on manipulation time. The
foreground and the background were produced together and separately and are at points over 40 layers deep. I mix my color into a very thin
binder layered up with layers of clear until I obtain the color and depth of color. The comet is also layered up with thick binders to about 23
layers deep. There are 5 layers containing phosphorous, to make it glow in the night sky. There is a space in the drying process with all
binders and this is especially true in heavy binders where the exterior/top layer will crack if you let it dry from the outside in.
Normally I make paint dry from the inside out. But there are times when you desire a crackly effect. And since Comets are mostly ice
I chose to not only crackle a layer I rubbed heavily pigmented thin binder in to the cracks. This painting won a first place ribbon at
the Sonoma County Fair, in Northern California.


Dimensions H 9.85 W 30


Your comments are appreciated

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